Humble Beginnings


CHICO'S is a Mexican restaurant in Highland Park, a neighbordhood of Los Angeles, California. We were established in 1993, formally known as El Comal. While we near our third decade in operation, our number one goal has remained the same: To make the most out of the Mexican Cuisine flavor palette to create authentically delicious food. We hope to enrich your dining experience with our very own special recipes that have gone through years of refining to reach perfection. At CHICO'S we believe in the spirit of happiness through satisfaction, so this is our way of bringing you happiness.


It all started as tacos and burritos in 1993. Senen came to the U.S. from age 16 in pursuit of the American dream. He always had a passion for cooking, so Senen asked his Mamá one day "Mamá, if I open a restaurant, would you help me?" Mamá responded "Son, why do you ask me? What do I know of managing restaurants?" Senen firmly replied "Let me solve that. We will be different, because you cook 'sabroso'." He went on to handle the aspects of the business while his mom was the chef of the restaurant. Founded by Senen, CHICO'S was established in 1993 with the customer's satisfaction in mind. In due time, Senen learned under his mom to carry on her legacy of delicious food. As more and more people loved CHICO'S, their menu continued expanding. What started with tacos and burritos is now the expansive menu CHICO's has today.


" We used to be called El Comal many years ago, and decided we needed a new name. We were unsure of what to call our restaurant, until the inspiration finally came along when a buddy of mine decided to call me 'Chico', which means short in Spanish. I found it funny, because it was true; if you were to ever see me in real life, you will quickly see I am indeed 'Chico'. We found the name to be catchy as well, and made the decision to rebrand our restaurant to Chico's. "

- Senen, CHICO'S Founder